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  • Friday, January 7, 2011
  • Nack ProductionS

  • Please watch on Youtube in HD!


    Anonymous said...

    Nice dunk video.
    how tall are you, how high is the hoop?

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    Nack ProductionS said...


    This is actually my older brother in the video. He is 6'2, and the hoop is standard 10'. Will do.

    rumbler said...

    he's pretty good!


    Janelle said...

    he's good i love basketball.
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    ( ._.) said...

    This is awesome, loving the blog! Will definitely be following as I am a photographer myself

    Nack ProductionS said...

    Thanks for the comments! Following you all as well!

    Skintbrah said...

    makes me miss streetball with my old mates
    no one i know plays ball these days feelsbadman

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