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Balboa Park and Cowles Mountain!

  • Wednesday, January 19, 2011
  • Nack ProductionS
  • Headed Downtown
    - Please click for a bigger picture!

    Cowles Mountain, San Diego

    Cowles Mountain, San Diego

    After recently moving to San Diego, much exploring is to be done. Balboa Park and Cowles Mountain were two of the first places!


    Joey said...

    that's a dope picture. i'll check back for more cool photography. following/clicking :P

    jw said...

    what kind of lens do you use?

    ( ._.) said...

    So nice! Was this with a 10.5? I used to have one but had to sell it, now I miss it

    Mr. 414 said...

    Wow, great pics!

    Nack ProductionS said...

    Thanks everyone! I'll follow everyone who follows me as well!

    This was taken with a Rokinon 8mm Fisheye mounted on a Canon T2i.

    Joel Smith said...

    wow you take good picts.

    Do you touch up in an editor afterwards or are they straight from the camera?

    Nack ProductionS said...

    Thanks so much Joel!

    I usually use Lightroom to edit photos unless I am making an HDR, in which I use Photomatix Pro.

    I don't do a whole lot to my photos though, just tweak a couple things and resize/crop if needed.

    KG said...

    nice pictures man! followed.

    follow/comment back

    Benny Lava said...

    following and supporting coolface.jpg

    mr_ben said...

    nice!! followed
    return the favour!

    Nack ProductionS said...

    Thanks again! I'm following for you three as well!

    Dwrek said...

    I could see that area from the highway and always wondered what it would look like at that point of view!

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    Max said...

    wow great pictures! glad to see another blog that has pictures on it.

    If you want to see some my pics I shoot checkout my blog about car shows/meets in my area.

    by the way brah you might want to direct link your photos straight from flickr instead of uploading them through blogger.

    you can check out my blog and see what I mean.

    e-mail me at or comment on my page if you have any questions.

    Nack ProductionS said...

    I just check out/follwed yours! You have some good stuff on their!

    Good suggestion, I now have them direct linked to my Flickr as well.

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